Flash Sale Schedule ⚡️

And because it’s #PaskongGoodWork, you get even BIGGER discounts with our flash sales! ⚡️ Don’t miss out on ₱12 Cleaning Add-ons and get up to 50% off on our Laundry add-ons. 🎄

How do I get the flash sale price for the beauty service that I want?

  1. Click on Join Deals from the main page
  2. Check out our available deals
  3. Click on the time slot that works best for you
  4. Book a discounted service!

Where can I find the flash sales for the Laundry and Cleaning add-ons?

Book a Cleaning or Laundry service as you normally would. The price of the add-ons will be reduced only during the sale times indicated.

🎅🏼 Book from 12.12 to 12.15 to get the discounted price. Service can be schedule on your preferred date and time.

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