The Anatomy of a GoodWork Hair SP

Our Hair SPs always make sure they’re safe AND stylish throughout the service. ✂️💈 ✅ GoodWork service providers are regularly tested and can provide medical certificates upon request. They wear PPEs and follow strict hygiene guidelines from DOH.

Holiday Beauty Bundles

Christmas is made merrier with these LIMITED-TIME BUNDLES! 🎄Book our best-selling services in a discounted bundle, available only from 12.12 to 12.15. 🎅🏼 Get 15% off all GoodWork services from December 12-15, 2020 #PaskongGoodWork

Flash Sale Schedule âš¡ï¸

And because it’s #PaskongGoodWork, you get even BIGGER discounts with our flash sales! ⚡️ Don’t miss out on ₱12 Cleaning Add-ons and get up to 50% off on our Laundry add-ons. 🎄 How do I get the flash sale price for the beauty service that I want? Click on Join Deals from the main pageContinue reading “Flash Sale Schedule âš¡ï¸”

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

With the country’s humid weather, it feels impossible to imagine going a day without shampoo. It doesn’t even matter if you’re leaving your home or not, because the icky feeling after a day of shampoo-less existence feels like a good enough reason for you to wash your hair daily. Is that a healthy habit toContinue reading “How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?”

Nail Tech Spotlight

GoodWork is able to offer salon-quality nail services at home because of service providers like Emjei Francisco, a nail technician and all-around beauty expert who knows the ins and outs of the industry. Today we’re shining the spotlight on ate Emjei and the expertise that she generously shares with GoodWork. With more than two decadesContinue reading “Nail Tech Spotlight”