Laundry Subscriptions now available 🧺

We’ve made your laundry pick-up and delivery much easier with our Laundry Subscriptions! With just a few clicks, you can now book a convenient subscription plan for your laundry needs. ✨ 📅 Choose the plan that works for you—weekly, every other week, and monthly plans are available. 🛵  Free pick-up and delivery 🗓️  We will callContinue reading “Laundry Subscriptions now available 🧺”

Specials Spotlight: Jessica Teodoro

Jessica Teodoro is a multi-skilled service provider—initially entering GoodWork as a Massage Therapist, she’s also a Nail Technician who provides high-quality nail services for GoodWork users. Today we shine the spotlight on Ate Jess, a passionate beauty service expert and mother of one. “SOBRANG GALING! Ate Jessica is so knowledgeable and goes the extra effortContinue reading “Specials Spotlight: Jessica Teodoro”

Home Cleaning Subscriptions now available 🏠

So convenient, it’s unbelievable! ✨ Getting your home or office professionally cleaned has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can now book a convenient subscription plan for your home cleaning need. 📅 Choose a plan depending on your preference – weekly, every other week, and monthly plans are available.

Massage Therapist Spotlight: Rochelle Eca

Meet Rochelle Eca, a Massage Therapist with over 13 years of professional massage experience. Today, we shine the spotlight on ate Rochelle—fondly called Eca by her peers—and celebrate her successes with GoodWork. “Rochelle really took her time massaging me, di tulad ng iba na nagmamadali. She made sure na okay yung pressure niya by askingContinue reading “Massage Therapist Spotlight: Rochelle Eca”

New SPECIALS on GoodWork! 💎

Meet the GoodWork Specials Our premium services at the best prices General Tarot Reading (Video) – ₱500 10-card Celtic cross spread for 10 different aspects of your life Prepare 5 questions you want to ask Will be conducted through video call Couples Massage – ₱798 1-hour massage for 2 pax For you and your favorite person Choose from Swedish, Shiatsu, or Thai Release. Regenerate. Restart. (Breathwork)– ₱600 50-minute BreathingContinue reading “New SPECIALS on GoodWork! 💎”

Waxing Dos and Don’ts

You’ve booked a waxing appointment on the app. Now what? Getting waxed is always something to prepare for, both mentally and physically. Bracing yourself for the service is equally as important as getting everything ready before the waxing technician knocks on your door. Here’s a list of Waxing Dos and Don’ts to keep in mindContinue reading “Waxing Dos and Don’ts”

Waxing vs. Shaving: Hair Removal 101

When it comes to hair removal, we have several options laid out in front of us; laser hair removal, depilatory creams, plucking, and more. The two most well-known hair removal methods are waxing and shaving. While both options are affordable and get the job done, waxing and shaving are entirely different from each other. InContinue reading “Waxing vs. Shaving: Hair Removal 101”

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Tidy 24/7

1. If it’s something you can clean up within 5 minutes, don’t delay it.“Clutter is delayed decisions,” says Marina Mahnken, professional organizer and owner of Declutter My Clutter. Let’s say your work desk is messy; stacks of paper, small trinkets, and pens are everywhere. Put the pen back in the holder, clear out the candy wrappers,Continue reading “7 Ways to Keep Your Home Tidy 24/7”