GoodWork announces partnership with Lay Bare

GoodWork is excited to announce a new partnership with Lay Bare to provide users with high-quality and affordable waxing services. 

For the first time, Lay Bare’s popular waxing services will be made available at the comfort of your home. Clients can simply book a home-service waxing appointment through the GoodWork app and a Lay Bare waxing professional will come to your location for the service. Waxing services by Lay Bare will be available on the GoodWork app starting September 9, 2020.

GoodWork CEO Andrew Koger said, “We are very excited about our partnership with Lay Bare, the Philippines’ industry leader for hair removal services. This is a major step towards our goal of providing exciting high-quality beauty services to our users.” 

Lay Bare CEO Paolo Hilario added that, “We are really proud that two industry leaders were able to collaborate and work with each others’ strengths to provide quality service for people during this very challenging time, which only demonstrates our resilience and drive to continue to provide solutions for people’s unwanted hair problems.”

GoodWork’s partnership with Lay Bare is very timely, as more and more people find themselves with limited options for beauty services because of the pandemic. Due to social distancing and quarantine guidelines, salons and other beauty establishments in the country now have strict restrictions when it comes to accommodating customers. This partnership helps close that gap by offering at-home beauty services to customers in Metro Manila. is the #1 mobile app for Home Services in the Philippines. Its mission is to make quality services accessible and affordable for Filipinos. GoodWork offers different types of services across a wide range of categories from home cleaning, laundry, nail services, hair services, waxing, and many more.

Lay Bare is the premier waxing expert in the Philippines. They offer waxing services from brow-to-toe, using only all-natural ingredients. Founded in June 2006, it now has over a hundred locations in the Philippines, making it the industry leader in hair removal in the country.

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