GoodWork announces partnership with PayMaya

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Mobile wallet PayMaya has announced that it has entered into a payment partnership with GoodWork to provide more convenient options for customers to pay on the GoodWork app.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted more and more individuals to switch to cashless transactions to reduce human contact. PayMaya Founder and CEO Orlando Vea said in a statement that “There was a surge in money transfers at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown.” As one of the country’s leading mobile wallets, PayMaya has continued to support Filipinos throughout this pandemic by making it easier to pay for products and services digitally.

GoodWork is excited to partner with PayMaya to facilitate payments within its mobile app. “With the partnership between PayMaya and GoodWork, we’re not only making life easier for Filipino households but we are also giving them more options to pay in a safe and secure manner,” said GoodWork CEO Andrew Koger.

In order for users to pay with PayMaya through the GoodWork app, the user simply selects the service and then selects PayMaya for the payment method. Confirmation and verification of the payment are done in the GoodWork app when the service is completed.

GoodWork also uses Paymaya’s payment gateway technology to allow GoodWork to accept credit card and debit card payments from Filipino consumers that want to pay with Visa, Mastercard, or JCB cards on the GoodWork app.

As the pandemic continues, the new normal has brought about new challenges. GoodWork is here to make your lives safer and more convenient together with PayMaya as we adapt with this new environment. is the #1 mobile app for Home Services in the Philippines. Its mission is to make quality services accessible and affordable for Filipinos. GoodWork offers different types of services across a wide range of categories from home cleaning, laundry, nail services, hair services, and many more.

PayMaya is a subsidiary of Voyager Innovations, the digital innovations arm of PLDT and Smart Philippines. PayMaya provides various financial technology tools, including an e-wallet which allows you to send and receive money, buy load, remit cash, and pay for goods and services all through their app.

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