GoodWork announces partnership with PayMongo

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GoodWork is excited to announce its partnership with Philippine payments processing company PayMongo to provide cashless payments to their users.

GoodWork is the largest mobile app for home services in the Philippines with thousands of satisfied customers for home services like home cleaning, laundry service, home beauty services, home repairs, and even telehealth services.

PayMongo, being one of the top 7 Philippine financial technology start-ups of 2020 according to Fintech Singapore, has more than 10,000 merchants. GoodWork is now part of that ever-growing list.

In a statement, GoodWork CEO Andrew Koger said, “We are excited to work with PayMongo to provide greater convenience with our customers transacting in the app. With cashless transactions on the rise, we want to be more adaptive and flexible to the current needs of our customers in order to make booking services through the app as simple and hassle-free as possible.”

GoodWork chose to work with PayMongo because of their transparent fee structure and best-in-class technology. GoodWork is using PayMongo services for GCash and GrabPay payments. is the #1 mobile app for Home Services in the Philippines. Its mission is to make quality services accessible and affordable for Filipinos. GoodWork offers different types of services across a wide range of categories from home cleaning, laundry, nail services, hair services, and many more.

PayMongo is a Manila-based financial tech start-up which specializes in payment processing services. Now the largest payment processing service in the Philippines, it has expanded its operations to other parts of Southeast Asia. It allows businesses to accept all kinds of payments to support the upscaling of businesses in the digital era.

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