Cleaner Spotlight: Lorraine Puno

Lorraine Puno, referred to fondly by her peers as “Ate Lori,” is one of many hardworking members of GoodWork’s Cleaning team. Today, we shine the spotlight on her and her many contributions to, having been a cleaner since September 2019.

We interviewed ate Lori to get a closer look at what she does at work on a daily basis. According to her, being a GoodWork Cleaner has its ups and downs like any other job. The thread that holds all these experiences together for her however, is her motivation to persevere for her family: “Yung sa trabaho namin, may mahirap, may madali, pero syempre kung ikaw sasabihin mo sa sarili mo na kaya mo gawin, magagawa mo talaga kasi ang iisipin mo pa rin yung pamilya mo.”

“GoodWork ang nagbigay sa akin ng pagkakataon na makatulong ako sa pagtataguyod ng pamilya ko, kahit sa kagipitan lalo na ngayong pandemya,” she adds.

But if you ask us, it is through the hard work of GoodWork Service Providers like Ate Lori that we are able to provide a platform where Filipinos can connect with expert service providers for their home and wellness needs at a fair price.

Ate Lori brings a whole new definition to the concept of being a hardworker, because for her, working hard just isn’t good enough: “Pag may trabaho ako sa client, hindi lang dapat ang kilos at gawa ang tama. Dapat nasa puso mo yung gagawin mo. Maging magalang at tapat ka para kagiliwan ka ng client.” Because when GoodWork Cleaners enter your home, they don’t just bring their skills and tools, they also make sure to put their heart into their goals for that booking.

Book a GoodWork Cleaning Service today and experience the wholehearted good work of GoodWork.

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