GoodWork Laundry Health Safety

We only work with the best riders! All our riders have undergone covid-19 tests and are all healthy. Riders are equipped with PPEs and follow DOH hygiene guidelines. We monitor their body temperatures daily and customers can see it in the app. All our friendly riders work directly for GoodWork and have passed extensive training!Continue reading “GoodWork Laundry Health Safety”

Learn More About GoodWork Customers

GoodWork has served thousands of customers across Metro Manila. We grew our operations 100x in our first year and now we’re the largest home services app in the Philippines with an average customer rating of 4.6/5. We take quality and trust super seriously. We’re happy with what we’ve built so far but we’re also constantlyContinue reading “Learn More About GoodWork Customers”

GoodWork Cleaning Health Policies

To ensure safety, all GoodWork cleaners have safely passed FDA-approved Covid tests. We also carefully monitor their temperature and any health symptoms. All GoodWork cleaners work directly for GoodWork and have passed our extensive training and follow our performance guidelines. We also ensure that our cleaners are using appropriate PPE gear in accordance with DOHContinue reading “GoodWork Cleaning Health Policies”