GoodWork Laundry Health Safety

We only work with the best riders!

  • All our riders have undergone covid-19 tests and are all healthy.
  • Riders are equipped with PPEs and follow DOH hygiene guidelines.
  • We monitor their body temperatures daily and customers can see it in the app.
  • All our friendly riders work directly for GoodWork and have passed extensive training!

Be safe, go cashless!

  • Our contactless payment method helps you pay conveniently and safely.
  • Pay for your service safely in the app with GCash (credit card coming soon!).
  • Don’t worry, you’ll only be charged after your clothes are delivered.

Laundry shop safety!

  • We have partnered with trusted and carefully selected laundry shops.
  • Our laundry partners are using quality detergents to make sure your clothes are clean and fresh!
  • Your clothes are kept isolated and safe in our shops! We’re taking every precaution to ensure the cleanliness of your clothes and to reduce the risk of contamination. 
  • We closely monitor and audit our laundry partners’ performance, including ratings and delivery speed, to ensure that they follow GoodWork’s service standards.

Laundry made safer for you!

  • We encourage our customers to follow contactless pick-up and delivery! 
  • You may leave your clothes in the front desk and just message our rider to pick it up there.
  • Rider will let you know once your clothes are ready for pick-up in the front desk. 
  • We encourage you to use contactless payment through GCash or you may also leave your payment in the front desk. 

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