GoodWork App Features

It has always been GoodWork’s mission to keep its customers satisfied at all times from booking until their actual experience with our services. We give importance customer feedback and we make sure that all the features we release are well-thought and would be highly valuable to our customers.

Home Cleaning Add- on Features

Want some extra cleaning for your home? Now you can add cleaning add-ons! We currently have Balcony cleaning, Dish Washing, Clothes Folding, Electric Fan Cleaning, Fridge Cleaning, Ironing, and Disinfecting service as Add on features. After talking with our customers, we found that these were the most-wanted cleaning services. We have trained our Goodwork cleaners on how to do these efficiently and effectively.

G-Cash Payment Option

The Safety of our GoodWork Cleaners and our customers remain to be our top priority. To encourage safe and cashless transactions, we’ve added GCash as a payment option in the app. Pay for your service safely and hassle-free. You only get charged after the service is completed. More payment channels to come soon!

Temperature Feature

Before sending our GoodWork Cleaners to the customers, we make sure to get their body temperature first this is to make sure that they are healthy and in good condition to provide the service. The temperature of the service provider assigned to the customer is reflected in the booking confirmation page for the customer’s reference.

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