Cleaning vs Disinfecting. What’s the Difference?

Cleaning and disinfecting are effective ways to reduce germs and bacteria in your home. Both are important in maintaining a clean and healthy home. But what is the difference between the two? Is it ok to only do one?

Cleaning is just the physical removal of dirt on surfaces. A cleaning detergent, soap, and cleaning cloth/mop are enough to do this. Cleaning only removes dirt and grime from the surface and doesn’t really kill the bacteria. Disinfecting, on the other hand, is a deeper way of cleaning. This requires a stronger cleaning substance such as a chemical disinfectant and is a more effective in cleaning germs and viruses. It is advisable to clean the area first before disinfecting to remove dust, soil, and other types of dirt. After cleaning thoroughly, you may opt to follow it with disinfection.

Both processes are important in ensuring that your home is safe and clean. But doing both also requires time and effort, but if you’re busy, we recommend to do regular cleaning (at least once a week), and then disinfect once every 2 weeks. That should still provide your home with the extra cleaning it needs.

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