DIY Projects From TikTok You Should Try

With people still not getting to leave the house, what else is there to do but do a not-so-extreme home makeover! Why not try out these projects from TikTok? Get your DIY on!

  1. Try your hand at painting the wall!

2. Something for your plants!

3. If a wall is too big for you, make your art on a smaller canvas!


doing some fun, satisfying art diy! #foryou

♬ Beef by flo milli – lil.st1nky

4. Maybe you don’t want to paint, but you still want nicer walls— wallpaper!

5. Live more sustainably with this home compost

6. Make your bathroom floors funky!


Floor tutorial! Head to my Instagram highlight to hear me talk even more in depth about the process! #diy #diyhome #homeproject #quarantineproject

♬ Funky Town – The Dance Queen Group

7. Make old bottles look more modern

8. Show off your memories, don’t just hide them in a box!

9. And lastly, why not make shelves for your fave knick knacks?


DIY basket ladder for any room! Decorate with your favorite knick knacks 🌿 only $8 to make! #DIY #homedecor #diyhomedecor #basketladder #kitchendecor

♬ Cradles – Sub Urban

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