10 TikTok Life Hacks That Proved Us Wrong

There are things in life that are impossible to fix. But, TikTok is here to prove us wrong for some of them. From Dalgona coffees to the next latest craze, there’s no telling what else TikTok has in store for us. So, here are some things we thought were impossible, but were proven wrong by TikTok.

  1. When we thought fitted sheets were impossible to fold.

How to fold a fitted sheet. Way easier than it seems! What household task do you want to see next? #tiktokdiy #laundryhack

♬ original sound – kristinalburn

2. When we thought unclogging (some) drains could only be done by plumbers.


I’m 22 and my mom said if I do anymore tik toks she’s breaking my phone… blow this up and show her I’m not crazy 😂😂😂 #fyp #bathroom #bathtub

♬ original sound – idk_bails

3. When we thought there was no way to use left-over detergent.

4. When we thought our clothes were clean clean.

5. When we thought washing beauty blenders in the washing machine was a lost cause.

6. When we thought that red stain on the carpet would stay there forever.

7. When we thought wiping our earphones made it clean.

8. When we thought burnt pans were an overnight cleaning job.

9. When we thought hanging big mirrors was a 2 person job.

10. And finally, when we thought we’d have paint on our skin forever.

Thanks, TikTok!

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