Laundry Rider Spotlight

Today we’re shining the spotlight on two of our hardworking service providers from the Laundry category. We talked to kuya Reagan and kuya Jade to have a better understanding of their experiences as GoodWork’s Laundry Riders, and here’s what they had to say:

Reagan Ramos 

Kuya Reagan has been a GoodWork Laundry Rider since February. When we interviewed him, he only had good things to say about his experience with GoodWork: “Pag wala po kaming biyahe, meron silang assistance. Tulad po nung lockdown, meron po silang binigay na cash assistance.” We asked him about the customers he’s met along the way, and he says that he believes that good communication with customers is an important aspect of his job. 

Jade Villaflor

Kuya Jade started working as a GoodWork laundry rider over a year ago. His line of work has always involved being on the road because prior to being a rider, he was a driver from an agency. Now that he’s a service provider for GoodWork’s laundry category, he’s one of the riders that people meet when they book a laundry service with us. 

GoodWork would not be where it is if we didn’t have people like kuya Reagan and kuya Jade who go above and beyond their duties to make sure that GoodWork’s laundry services run smoothly. Because of them, customers get their laundry picked up and returned safely and on time. Thank you kuyas! 

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