5 Signs Your Aircon Needs TLC

The aircon is an essential appliance to homes in a tropical country. With the weather being hot and sticky year-round, most people rely on their aircon to keep themselves cool. However, unlike electric fans that are relatively easy to clean, AC units are much more complicated to maintain.

Here are 5 telltale signs that your AC needs that TLC:

1. It’s blowing dust

Observe the vent after you turn the aircon on. If dust comes out, it usually means that the air ducts are dirty and need some cleaning. A dusty AC means a dusty room, and no one wants that!

2. Abnormal noise

Aside from the normal hum of the cold air, your aircon unit shouldn’t be making any buzzing or rattling sounds that might keep you up at night! Abnormal noise may be signs of problems in the cooling system.

3. It’s not as cool anymore

Speaking of cooling systems, if your AC isn’t doing its job at keeping you cool, it may be a problem in the temperature settings. A bigger concern is that it might be a sign that your AC needs some service. Similarly, if your AC is blowing out warm air, check the settings first. However, if the problem persists, it may be time to get a professional who can help diagnose the problem and offer solutions.

4. Less air 

If you feel like some of the ducts in your AC unit aren’t blowing out any air, they may be clogged!  Put your hand on each of the ducts to feel if they’re blowing out air.  Although this may feel like a minor problem, a blockage in the ducts may cause your electric bill to spike! With broken ducts, the AC works harder to deliver some cool air.  

5. Water leaks

We saved one of the most common problems for last!  Water leaks are problems we see not just from AC units at home, but in malls, schools and other spaces. Some may be fine with putting a basin under the leak to gather the water.  However, that’s just a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem. Leaks could be a sign of broken drain tubes or leaks inside the AC unit. While the basin method may help save you some cash, letting the problem persist may break your bank in the long run. 

Don’t wait for your aircon problems to get worse. If you experienced any of these signs with your aircon unit lately or you just want to give your aircon unit a good clean, check out the Goodwork app to see the aircon services that we offer. 

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