AC Technician Spotlight

When it comes to air conditioning units, Fortunato Reapor, more commonly known to the people around him as “Atoy,” is the man to talk to. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on him and the things he has learned in his 20 years as an aircon technician.

Fortunato “Atoy” Reapor

We asked him what he likes the most about working as an AC technician, and he enthusiastically answered:  “Having that camaraderie with clients. Talagang masaya ako dahil sa bukod sa nagiging kaibigan ko sila, napoprovide ko yung skills and talent ko.”  He proudly states that because of his profession, he’s able to travel outside the country and meet people from different industries: “I’ve been to other countries working as an aircon specialist. I’ve even met high-profile people. Hindi ko naman alam na ang seservicean ko pala ay kilala sa larangan ng media, politics, and showbiz.”

When asked about what he has learned as a service provider, he paused for a few seconds, deep in thought, and said that was a good question. “There are a lot of SPs, not only aircon tech specialists, but also from plumbing, carpentry, cleaning, and more,” he says. “The one key element we need to have is courtesy. Sa lahat ng tao ko, upon meeting the client, you have to be pleasant and courteous. Maganda dapat ang pakikitungo. Be enthusiastic. Pakita mo yung courtesy mo at all times at pakita mo sa client na mahusay ka makitungo.”

He also emphasized the importance of being skilled and keeping the client updated, so everyone’s on the same page: “Secondly, SPs should be skillful. You have to present yourself, the full procedures, the scenario. Be keen on details. We have to surrender ourselves to clients so that they understand na tayo yung doctor ng aircon at na eto yung mga gagawin para maayos ito.”

Never forgetting to give praise to where he gets his motivation from, his parting words of wisdom to us were: “Lastly, and definitely sa lahat applicable ito. Surrender to the Lord. Lord, sana okay po yung trabaho. Dahil siya ang kalakasan ng lahat.”

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