Laundry Through The Years

Laundry has evolved with humans, and the many ways we wash and take care of our clothes have changed through the years. Nowadays, doing the laundry is as easy as tapping on your phone and letting GoodWork handle it, but have you ever wondered how different it was for our ancestors a long time ago? In this article, we’re going back in time and looking at how laundry has evolved through the years.

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Wash Day, Philippines (c. 1911–1921)

In the Philippines, laundry used to be a weekly communal activity by the river, and it was mostly done by hand. Water systems in the community like rivers or springs not only brought life to crops and food supplies, they also served as the main laundry location for everybody. Garments would be beaten over rocks, scrubbed with stone, or pounded with wooden tools. The process was physically demanding and often demanded a 24-hour soaking period, a 15-hour wash, and then a rinsing and drying process. As time passed and fabric became more accessible, a need for efficient laundry grew and people started looking for a faster way to get things done.

The first recorded washing machine design invention was in 1766 by Jacob Christian Schäffer. And over hundreds of years, this evolved into the washing machines we know and happily use today. Most middle-class Philippine households have their own washing machine, while others opt for laundry services.

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