What is Cold Wax?

We’ve heard the term in our beauty communities, and “cold wax” is pretty straightforward; we know it’s cold, and we know it’s wax. But have you ever wondered what it does and how our experts make it? We’re breaking it down just for you!

What is cold wax?

According to VidaSleek, cold wax is “pretty much like the glow up that regular wax wishes it had.” And we agree! It uses all-natural ingredients, is more environmentally friendly, and is less irritating on your skin than hot wax. It’s made from sugar, which gently removes hair from the follicles, honey, which gives it that beautiful, golden consistency, and calamansi.

Is it really better than hot wax?

Because of hot wax’s temperature, there are more precautions to keep in mind when handling the material. Cold wax is less irritating and less painful to use. Plus, hair doesn’t have to be as long when you’re using cold wax! You’ll only need a quarter inch of hair, in comparison to the half inch that regular waxing requires.

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