Wax Tech Spotlight

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on our good friends from Lay Bare. Meet Maricel Victoriano, a cheerful Wax Technician who has been with Lay Bare for two years.

Maricel Victoriano

When you meet Ate Maricel, it’s easy to tell that she’s a naturally cheery person. She would always find a way to make the people around her laugh with her quips and jokes. We asked her what part about her day-to-day experiences is the most entertaining, and she replied that it’s when her clients find a way to make the painful waxing session lighter: “Napapasigaw sila sa sakit, lalo na ‘pag first time. Sinasasabi nila sa akin, “Ate, baka po masipa kita” sabay tawa kaming dalawa. At sasagot naman ako ng “Nako Ma’am, pag nasipa mo po ako, ‘di natin matatapos ‘to. Hanggang sa puro na kami kwento.”

Ate Maricel is a people person. She enjoys interacting with the people she meets in waxing sessions. “Bilang Wax Technician, masaya ako dahil naipapakita ko ang aking abilidad sa trabahong ito. Nakakatulong ako sa iba para sa kanilang personal time o pampering,” she says happily.

When we feature our SPs, we ask them what they want to share to readers, nuggets of wisdom about life that they believe are applicable to many. Ate Maricel, being the joker that she is, had only one thing to say: “If you see hair, its time to Lay Bare! Lay Bare is the best waxing salon for hair removal!”

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