Budget-Friendly Home Renovation

Ever wanted to change up your space but didn’t have the budget for it? We know it can get a little pricey to do a full renovation, so we collected DIY home hacks that are easy to do and are easy on the wallet. Keep costs down with these ideas:

  1. Make your space look taller by painting the walls white
    Having white-colored walls and furniture help bring the light into your home without breaking the bank.
  2. Hang your curtain rods a little higher.
    When you’re hanging up your curtains, make sure the curtain rod is placed higher than the top of your window. This well-known interior design hack makes any room look larger than it really is.
  3. Declutter, Marie Kondo style
    Minimalist living isn’t just affordable, it also helps you clear your head when you don’t have all that clutter hanging around you. When something no longer sparks joy, get rid of it!
  4. Update your cabinet hardware
    The knobs and pulls on your cabinet doors and drawers make a bigger difference than you’d expect! Swap out your old hardware with statement pieces and establish the tone of any room with this simple trick.
  5. Rearrange your furniture
    According to Architecture Lab, “equipping and rearranging the kitchen for maximum usefulness will help you avoid demolishing some of the walls of the house to gain more space.”

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