Don’t flush these things down the toilet!

Contrary to popular belief, the toilet bowl isn’t a substitute for a trash can. When it comes to plumbing, out of sight definitely doesn’t mean out of mind. Here are the things you should never throw in your toilet bowl:

  1. Toilet Paper and Wipes
    It’s important to put a waste bin by the toilet so you and your guests won’t be forced to flush down used toilet paper and wipes.
  2. Chewing Gum
    Sabi nga nila, hindi ‘to natutunaw sa tiyan mo, so for sure hindi rin yan matutunaw sa toilet.
  3. Band-aids
    Wala naman ata ‘yang magagamot diyan, friend. Itapon mo nalang sa basurahan.
  4. Condoms
    These are made out of latex, which is a material that doesn’t break down in the toilet.
  5. Sanitary Pads
    Regular sanitary pads are made out of cotton and plastic, which both cause blockage problems in your toilet.
  6. Diapers
    This might go without saying for most, but diapers don’t disintegrate with water. Dispose of diapers in the garbage, wag naman sa toilet niyo hehe.
  7. Oil
    Don’t dispose of your used cooking oil down the toilet! There are many ways to get rid of oil, and none of them involve pouring the oil down the drain (or the toilet).
  8. Hair
    When hair accumulates in your drainage, it will cause many problems for your entire plumbing system at home.

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