The GoodWork Guide to Hair Brushes

The hair brush is a grooming staple for everyone, and so it comes in many forms to cater to the needs of different people. Check out The GoodWork Guide to Hair Brushes to find out which type works best for you according to your hair type and needs.

Paddle Brush
The Paddle Brush is a large and flat hair brush that’s commonly used for smoothing and polishing straight hair. It has a cushion backing and soft bristles, both of which are features that make this hair brush type perfect for smoothing out hair.

Round Brush
The Round Brush is the hair brush you often see used with the blower in hair salons. Its cylindrical shape makes it the best type for taming frizz and shaping your hair’s volume. According to, “Round brushes inherently enhance volume, curls and waves, especially at the roots. The smaller the barrel, the tighter the waves. Opt for larger barrels for bouncy, voluminous strands.”

Wide Tooth Comb
The wide tooth comb is everyone’s best friend because it works for all hair types. With its spaced out plastic “teeth,” it’s great for working through those stubborn tangles that we occasionally get.

Vented Brush

The vented hair brush was built with efficient hair drying in mind. With its vented structure, it’s commonly used with a blow dryer to dry your hair and shape it to your preference. Its lightweight feature makes it the perfect brush for styling.

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