How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

With the country’s humid weather, it feels impossible to imagine going a day without shampoo. It doesn’t even matter if you’re leaving your home or not, because the icky feeling after a day of shampoo-less existence feels like a good enough reason for you to wash your hair daily. Is that a healthy habit to have for your hair? Let’s find out!

How often you wash your hair depends on three factors:

  1. The hair products you regularly use
    If you regularly use hairspray, dry shampoo, and other cosmetic hair products, this means that your scalp is prone to product buildup, therefore causing unwanted elements to be trapped. The more products you use, the more often you should be washing your hair to avoid scalp problems in the future.
  2. Your skin type
    Your scalp produces its own natural oils like any other skin surface on your body. If you’re well aware of your skin type, it’s easy to figure out what your scalp type is. If your scalp is oily, it would be best to wash your hair three to five times a week. If your scalp is usually dry, it’s time to wash your hair less frequently and invest in moisturizing products for your scalp.
  3. Your hair type
    Your hair type plays a big role in how often you wash your hair: “Depending on your hair type, not washing your hair enough can cause hard-core dandruff, irritation, clogged pores, and even hair loss, whereas washing too frequently can lead to stripped, straw-like hair, an increase in oil production, and scalp inflammation” (Read more: Cosmopolitan)

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