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5 Reasons To Book That Mani-Pedi Today

Worried about leaving the house for a mani-pedi appointment? Need to pamper yourself to relieve some of the stresses of everyday life? Want to have me time without worrying about the time? Here are 5 reasons to book that mani-pedi today.

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Nail Tech Spotlight

When we get our nails done by professionals, we don’t come out with just good-looking nails, we also come out feeling lighter emotionally because of the mini chika session we get with our favorite nail technicians. From GoodWork’s Nail Category are Juliet Achero and Anne Cristobal, who have plenty to share about their experiences at work and with customers.

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Care Tips for Dry Hands

The increased use of hand soap, sanitizing gels, and alcohol during this pandemic has also increased the chances of us getting dry and irritated skin, especially on our hands. While these are all critical preventive measures, hand care does not and should not stop there. In this article, we’re listing down all the ways you can show your hands some extra love.

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