5 Tips For Healthier Hair

With all the damage your hair is taking from heated hair tools, different hair products, and daily exposure to elements, it’s time to consider how to nurture it back to health. In this article, we’ve compiled 5 care tips to bring your hair back to its former glory.

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  1.  Choose the products that cater to your hair’s needs.
    Shampoos, conditioners, and all kinds of hair products have different formulas to cater to everyone’s hair type and damage. If your hair has issues because of extreme dye jobs, perms, and more, there are products that are made especially for these problems.
  2. Check the ingredients.
    A general rule of thumb is to be wary of products with sulfate, because frequent use of products with sulfate strips your hair of natural oils and hair protein. Additionally, products that have “damage-repairing” in their label have the proteins that strengthen your hair.
  3. Stick to natural air drying.
    Constant exposure to the heat brought about by hair blowers, curlers, or straighteners contribute to the damage in your hair. When you don’t have to use them, lay off the heat tools as much as you can and watch your hair naturally bounce back to life.
  4. Brush your hair before you shower.
    When your hair is wet, it’s more prone to breakage. This is usually what happens when you brush your hair after a shower. By doing it beforehand, you minimize the damage to your hair. More so, when you brush your hair while it’s still dry, it distributes the natural oils from your scalp down to your hair tips.
  5. Get a haircut regularly.
    Getting a haircut isn’t just a decision based on aesthetic, it also helps breathe life back into your hair. When your hair is falling flat and split ends are taking over, it’s time to book a haircut from a professional. Check the ends of your hair if they’re frail, thin, and see-through. A fresh trim every now and then keeps your hair strong and healthy.

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