Things To Do Before Entering The House

Because of the pandemic, we’re all on high alert to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But since we sometimes have to step out of the house out of necessity, this exposes us to the risk of being infected. In this article, we’re listing down 7 things that you have to do before entering your home. (Source: Manila Bulletin)

Try not to touch anything
Since your hands touched surfaces and could be contaminated, make sure that you don’t touch anything at home right after being outside.

Take off your shoes
Although there is low risk for infection from shoes, it’s still sanitary to leave your shoes by the door before you enter. This is especially important if you have children at home who crawl on the floor.

Wash clothes worn outside
Don’t reuse the clothes that you wore outside, and throw them in the laundry basket as soon as you get home.

Leave items carried outside in a box at the entrance
Since the virus can stay on surfaces for days after contamination, it would be best to just leave your items outside until you can wipe them off with a disinfectant.

Sanitize phone and glasses
Your phone and glasses are hotspots for dirt and viruses, so it’s equally important to sanitize them the way you’d sanitize everything else.

Wash your hands
This might just be the most important thing to do nowadays in order to prevent the spread. Wash your hands as often as you can, and don’t forget to moisturize right after to keep them from drying out.

Take a quick shower after your trip outside to ensure your safety and cleanliness.

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