Cleaning Add-ons

Want extra cleaning for your home? Our cleaning add-ons are here to give you that spotless, clean shine. Dishwashing (Best Seller!)This add-on includes the washing of dishes and kitchenware. The sponge and dishwashing liquid will be provided by the customer.P99 for 30 minutes Fridge Cleaning This includes the wiping of the fridge’s interior and generalContinue reading “Cleaning Add-ons”

Things To Do Before Entering The House

Because of the pandemic, we’re all on high alert to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But since we sometimes have to step out of the house out of necessity, this exposes us to the risk of being infected. In this article, we’re listing down 7 things that you have to do before entering yourContinue reading “Things To Do Before Entering The House”

The Duality of a House in the time of Corona

Moving offices can be a tedious process but it may also be a cathartic experience. What happens when that new office is now in the same space you find comfort in during your personal time? Working from home, though a set-up familiar to some, has not been the standard practice in companies around the Metro.Continue reading “The Duality of a House in the time of Corona”

Cleaning vs Disinfecting. What’s the Difference?

Cleaning and disinfecting are effective ways to reduce the germs and bacteria in your home. Both are important in maintaining a clean and healthy home. But what’s the difference between the two? Is it okay to only do one or the other? Cleaning is just the physical removal of dirt on surfaces. A cleaning detergent,Continue reading “Cleaning vs Disinfecting. What’s the Difference?”