Cleaning Add-ons

Want extra cleaning for your home? Our cleaning add-ons are here to give you that spotless, clean shine.

Dishwashing (Best Seller!)
This add-on includes the washing of dishes and kitchenware. The sponge and dishwashing liquid will be provided by the customer.
P99 for 30 minutes

Fridge Cleaning
This includes the wiping of the fridge’s interior and general tidying of the fridge’s content. Chat with your booked service provider to request for defrosting.
P249 per unit

Disinfectant Spraying (Best Seller!)
This involves the wiping of all frequently-touched surfaces with disinfectant. Use of disinfectant spray machine is also included. The solution is WHO-approved and eliminates odor, fungi, and mold. This is safe for humans, pets, plants (we see you plantitas!), and your furniture.
P299 per 30 minutes

Car Disinfectant Spraying
Car’s interior surfaces will be wiped with disinfectant. Includes the use of disinfectant spray machine with a WHO-approved solution that eliminates odor, fungi, and mold.
P299 per vehicle

Balcony Cleaning
Tidy up your balcony with this add-on! Includes the cleaning of balcony floor, wiping of handrails, and cleaning of surfaces.
P199 per balcony

Ironing Clothes
Up to 10 shirts per order! Customer will provide the iron and ironing board.
P199 per order

Clothes Folding
Service provider will fold an estimate of 60 pieces of clothing. This add-on does not include ironing.
P99 per 30 minutes

Electric Fan Cleaning
Good for your fan’s air quality, this add-on includes the cleaning of fan blades and cage, as well as the wiping down of the entire fan’s surface.
P99 per unit

Cabinet Cleaning
This add-on is good for 1-2 cupboards or cabinets. 30 minutes of cleaning per order. General tidying and wiping.
P149 per order

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