How To Do An ACV Hair Rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar has many uses. We know it’s good for our digestive system, our beauty masks, and many more because it has properties that greatly boost our health and fight off harmful bacteria. Did you know that it has great benefits for your hair too? In this article, we’re breaking down the step-by-step processContinue reading “How To Do An ACV Hair Rinse”

Things To Do Before Entering The House

Because of the pandemic, we’re all on high alert to protect ourselves and our loved ones. But since we sometimes have to step out of the house out of necessity, this exposes us to the risk of being infected. In this article, we’re listing down 7 things that you have to do before entering yourContinue reading “Things To Do Before Entering The House”

Time to Get Waxed

To all of our Makati and Taguig users, we’ve got great news for you: GoodWork is now waxing! Get access to LayBare’s Waxing services without stepping out of your home by booking on the GoodWork app. With a few taps on your phone, you can now schedule a session with LayBare’s waxing therapists and getContinue reading “Time to Get Waxed”

Waxing vs. Shaving: Hair Removal 101

When it comes to hair removal, we have several options laid out in front of us; laser hair removal, depilatory creams, plucking, and more. The two most well-known hair removal methods are waxing and shaving. While both options are affordable and get the job done, waxing and shaving are entirely different from each other. InContinue reading “Waxing vs. Shaving: Hair Removal 101”

What Type of Massage is Right For You?

Hey, ladies! Imagine this: soothing scents, calming music, and a massage so relaxing it can put you to sleep. A massage is always a good idea, but the type that’s right for you depends on your preferences and needs. The Swedish massage is best suited for those who are new to massages. This full-body massageContinue reading “What Type of Massage is Right For You?”

5 Reasons To Book That Mani-Pedi Today

Worried about leaving the house for a mani-pedi appointment? Need to pamper yourself to relieve some of the stresses of everyday life? Want to have me time without worrying about the time? Here are 5 reasons to book that mani-pedi today. Manicures and pedicures keep your nails healthyYour hands and feet put in the mostContinue reading “5 Reasons To Book That Mani-Pedi Today”